Welcome To NERM Applications And Testing (Pty) Ltd

NERM Applications and Testing (Pty) Ltd (NERM) is a black owned electrical engineering company. NERM is involved in commissioning, testing of electrical protection schemes and metering in substations.

The company fully supports development initiatives of mining, government, parastatals, municipalities and other industries. The company policy recognizes and endorses the empowerment of the less privileged. Nerm strives to uphold environmental protection and preservation of essential resources.

Nerm professes good management, leadership, integrity, and the use of appropriate cutting edge technology to yield the most cost-effective results in all assignments.


Shanduka National Awards 2014

1st Place : Overall Winner 2014

1st Place : Most Jobs Created

International Trade

Our good reputation and outstanding quality of work has landed us in many countries around Africa like Ghana, Lesotho, DRC, Kenya, Mozambique, Swaziland, Ethiopia, Zambia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Sudan and Botswana.

Current Projects

Ekurhuleni Municipality: NERM's 1st client, since April 2013.
Project : Ongoing retrofitting and auditing of substations in different districts.